Welcome to my journey: a road that leads to become a great investor…

First of all, it’s my first publication. I don’t have a journalist background, so be indulgent with the quality of my writings, which should improve by the time, hopefully.

For the last four and half years, I’ve been working as an Equity Research analyst for a prestigious outperforming fund in an unglamorous investment strategy (value and small cap). I developed a good knowledge in financial analysis, strategy analysis, valuation and also about a couple of companies.

I am at a key moment of my career: whether I improve my skills to become a great investor and then the sky is the limit… or I remain an “under the radar” equity research analyst and die with the future retirement of the fund manager I’ve been working for.

What I identify to be key in the current stage of my career is to develop a deep knowledge of the market, and more precisely, the European market. Therefore, I’ll start studying company after company in every European countries. And the purpose of this blog is to share my journey: articles and books I read, financial analysis and valuation I do, and probably to share my portfolio (I’m not sure about this at the moment… but let’s see…)

During 2021, I’ll focus on Switzerland! According to Bloomberg, 300 companies are domiciled in Switzerland with a market capitalization above CHF 50M (I assumed that below this threshold, companies are too illiquid). 2022 has 52 weeks minus 2 (already passed)… Therefore, I’ve to look on average at 6 companies per week…

Let’s start!